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For years we have been trying to explain that cellulite doesn’t exist, so of course, people look at us like “well what the hell am I looking at on my legs, arms and belly that looks like cottage cheese then?” I’m so thrilled to have new visuals and animations to help explain this very simple concept! Share this blog with not only those interested in learning more, but also with the “doubters” too!👍 ❤️ I always say when the student is ready the teacher arrives 💥 Here I am!

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View this image in animation with HOW this happens and the FasciaBlaster in use

The image above allows us to take a peek into the human body to see from the skin to the bone like layers on a cake! The top layer is the skin and fascia casing (structural fascia). Directly below that is the brownish/yellow color is the layer of fat penetrated by fascia (fascia septtae). Finally, the red layer is the muscle with blood, nerves and (interstructural fascia) running through. It is the fascia that connects all of this to the bone.

So ALL the “white stuff” is different types of the connective tissue – fascia! Next time you eat fried chicken, peel back the fried part and you will see the sheath of structural fascia on the inside, and the (inter-structural fascia inside the meat! You might even see fat encased inside the fascia just like cellulite! It’s not rocket science, it’s the basic anatomy of all animals.

In a peer reviewed and published study in Cogent Medical journal* of the 33 subjects tested 100% saw a dramatic reduction of cellulite. This goes way beyond “coincidence”. Scientists saw it at the surface! They saw it below the surface in the ultrasound images where you can see the fascia (largely made of collagen) REMODELING! We also saw it in the blood 🩸 with an increase in PICP markers, indicating new production of COLLAGEN! YESSSSSS! 🎉🥂

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I was even asked to do a TEDx talk to present the science, and you are welcome to watch it.

I know you’ve probably spent a lifetime thinking there was no magic pill for cellulite, but you will just have to settle for a magic stick 😉

My favorite cause of “unhealthy fascia” is neglect. How often do you address your fascia? It’s like not brushing your hair for 20, 40 or more years and being confused why you have endless knots. Is something inherently wrong with your hair? No! It just needs brushing. Fascia is texturally similar to hair and the FasciaBlaster tools are so similar to a brush. JUST BRUSH IT! And you wouldn’t brush your hair with a cucumber, so rolling and massaging are great for muscles, but ineffective for fascia! Brush your teeth, brush your hair and brush your fascia! 5 minutes is all you need.

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Unhealthy fascia can be at any layer. And since I can’t ultrasound ALL OF YOU 😂, I want to make sure you have what you need for your specific individual needs. You need a small claw for surface fascia, a Big Claw for the muscle layer, and a Nugget tip for stubborn spots. Just see the above image! It shows the process, the tool and the price of the tool in the category. BOOM EASY AS 1-2-3!