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About the Blaster Pod

The body of the Blaster Pod for the Feet is sleek in design, portable, and slides under a desk.

Special inflatable mechanism presses the feet onto the pressure point knobs to allow you to control the pressure. Light and easy, or firm with more pressure.

Pressure point knobs strategically designed to target parts of the feet associated with the health of the entire body.


A message from Ashley Black

Dear Blaster Family,

When you ask… I listen. Every Blaster has the fantasy of automatic FasciaBlasters that you can just lie down and relax and they do all the work. Well we’re not totally there… yet, but I have designed an amazing AutoBlaster for your feet! This is like NO PRODUCT you’ve ever experienced before. And like all my products, if it’s not scientifically proven, I DON’T MAKE IT!



Limited Stock Available! Pre-Order today to ensure you are one of the lucky few who gets to experience the Ashely Black Blaster Pod!

We are currently accepting pre-orders for the Blaster Pod. Once stock is available for shipment, you will be notified. We endeavor to have pre-order units shipped by the end of October 2021. However, if for some reason your pre-order is not shipped by the end of November 2021, payment made for your Blaster Pod will be returned.

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